Best Fake Flowers That Look Real

The 18 Best Fake Flowers That Look Real

Welcome to my guide to the 18 best fake flowers that look real! If you’re like me and love fresh flowers but want something more long-lasting, you’re in for a treat. I have scoured the market to bring you a curated selection of the most stunning and realistic artificial flowers available today.

Whether you want to add elegance to your home, create a beautiful centerpiece for a special occasion, or enjoy vibrant blooms year-round without maintenance, these stunning fake flowers that look real are the right solution. With their lifelike petals, intricate details, and natural colors, these artificial blooms will leave you questioning whether they’re the real deal or not.

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18 best fake flowers that look real

1. Mandy’s 20pcs White Flowers Artificial Tulip Silk Flowers

Create a stunning and lifelike floral display with Mandy’s 20pcs White Flowers Artificial Tulip Silk Flowers. Made with soft polyurethane (PU) petals and plastic stems, these tulip flowers mimic the beauty of real tulips. Each flower stands at 13.5 inches tall and 1.5 inches wide. With 20 tulips included in each pack, you’ll have an abundant supply for your home, kitchen, or wedding decorations.

These artificial tulips are suitable for centerpieces, bouquets, and other floral arrangements. Their individual stems are flexible and easy to bend or cut, allowing for versatile DIY decorations. Choose Mandy’s Artificial Tulip Silk Flowers for the best fake flowers that look real and bring beauty to any occasion.

2. Mandy’s 20pcs Artificial White Calla Lily Silk Flowers

Enhance your home, kitchen, or wedding decor with Mandy’s 20pcs White Flowers Artificial Calla Lily Silk Flowers. These stunning calla lilies are meticulously crafted with soft polyurethane (PU) petals and plastic stems, ensuring a lifelike appearance. Each flower stands at a height of 13.5 inches with a diameter of 3 inches, creating an elegant and graceful presence.

With 20 calla lilies included in each pack, you’ll have an abundance of flowers for your arrangements. Whether used as bridal bouquets, table centerpieces, or DIY brooches, these artificial calla lilies bring romance and sophistication.

3. Ouddy Decor Artificial Lavender Flowers – 12 Bundles

These artificial lavender flowers from Ouddy Decor will add a touch of elegance to any space. These 12 bundles of lifelike purple fake lavender flowers bring nature’s beauty into your life. They create a cozy ambiance without maintenance or mess. Made from eco-friendly plastic with UV resistance, these flowers boast a realistic appearance.

Each bundle features 5 flower branches, approximately 9.65 inches long, with a total height of 14.57 inches. Whether for weddings, home decor, or outdoor arrangements, these UV-resistant and long-lasting artificial flowers add charm to any space.

4. JEMONG Artificial Flowers – 12 Bundles

Introducing JEMONG Artificial Flowers, the latest upgraded version of their high-end product line. These 12 bundles of deep red fake flowers feature silk screen silk cloth flower heads, offering clear and beautiful lines, vibrant colors, and excellent color quality. Designed for both indoor and outdoor decoration, these lifelike flowers add a charming touch to your front porch, garden, windowsill, or any space in need of a floral accent.

Made from UV-resistant plastic, these faux flowers never fade, providing year-round beauty. The sturdy flower heads ensure durability, and each bundle measures approximately 9.45 inches wide by 13 inches long.

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5. TEMCHY Artificial Flowers – 8 Bundles

This TEMCHY Artificial Flower adds a vibrant touch to your environment. This set includes 8 bundles of lifelike fake flowers in a mix of colors, featuring white, purple, fuchsia, and yellow (2 pieces each). These faux flowers with stems bring effortless elegance to your home or office decor, providing a realistic and versatile appearance. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

They are suitable for porches, window boxes, hanging planters, gardens, or as a colorful addition to your kitchen or dining room. Constructed of premium plastic, these flowers require no maintenance and stay fresh all year round. Each flower measures approximately 14 inches tall and 8 inches wide.

6. ArtBloom Outdoor Artificial Lavender – 8 Bundles

Find the best fake flowers that look real with ArtBloom Outdoor Artificial Lavender. Each bundle of these fuchsia-colored faux flowers provides a nearly natural appearance with true-to-life petals and foliage textures. Made from high-quality plastic, these UV-resistant shrubs offer a hassle-free alternative to real flowers, maintaining their fresh and striking look year after year.

Each bouquet features 7 flexible stems and bushy leaves, measuring approximately 14 inches high and 9 inches wide. Brighten up your home with these sparkling bright artificial flowers that bring vitality to any space.

7. Lnoicy Outdoor Artificial Flowers – 10pcs

Enhance your outdoor space with Lnoicy’s 10pcs Artificial Flowers. These vibrant and lifelike faux flowers are designed to add gorgeous charm to your front porch, farmhouse, garden, balcony, and more. Handmade by skilled workers, these flowers are carefully inserted without glue, resulting in a real-like appearance without sunlight, watering, or pruning.

Made from premium PE material, these flowers are UV resistant and never fade, ensuring long-lasting and beautiful decoration. Each pack contains 10 plastic flowers with 7 flexible stems and 45 flower heads in a mix of colors, including Yellow, Purple, Red, White, and Fuchsia. Bring your creative ideas to life and decorate every room and patio with these stunning artificial flowers from Lnoicy.

8. Momkids Artificial Baby’s Breath Flowers – 6 Pcs

Create a stunning and realistic floral display with Momkids’ 6 Pcs Artificial Flowers Fake Baby’s Breath Bouquet. These faux gypsophila flowers are made from high-quality plastic and soft non-woven cloth, providing a soft and durable texture that looks and feels real. The flower heads are securely attached and won’t fall off, while the bendable stems allow for flexible arrangements.

Each package includes 6 bundles of artificial flowers, with 102 small flowers. With their vibrant blue color, these flowers add elegance to any home, office, or event decoration. No need for water, sunlight, or care fake flowers will maintain their beauty and bring naturalness to your space.

9. Hawesome Artificial Silk Roses Bouquet – 12PCS

Enhance your home and wedding decorations with the Hawesome 12PCS Artificial Silk Flowers Realistic Roses Bouquet. This pack includes 12 pieces, featuring 6 blooming roses and 6 buds. It offers two combinations to meet your preferences and create a more lifelike bouquet. Made with silk flower heads and leaves, these roses have a realistic appearance that mimics fresh flowers.

The stems are constructed of metal wire wrapped in plastic, providing stability and flexibility. With a diameter of 4.7 inches for blooming roses and 2.4 inches for buds and a total height of 21 inches, these roses make a striking statement.

10. Veryhome 10PCS 30 Bunches White Babys Breath Flowers

Create stunning floral arrangements with the Veryhome 10PCS 30 Bunches White Babys Breath Flowers. Made of high-quality PU plastic and wire, these artificial flowers look realistic and will not fray. Each package includes 10 pieces, allowing you to create beautiful bouquets and arrangements.

The total height of the baby’s breath is approximately 7.8 inches, with a flower head diameter of approximately 0.27 inches. These best fake flowers that look real are suitable for wedding bouquets, bridal arrangements, and various decorations. Their versatile nature makes them suitable for weddings, receptions, home decor, parties, offices, and more. (Vase not included)

11. KISLOHUM Artificial Hydrangea Flowers Blush Heads

Enhance your wedding centerpieces, bouquets, and home decor with the KISLOHUM Artificial Hydrangea Flowers Blush Heads 10. These stunning silk hydrangea flowers feature high-quality fabric petals and long stems that can be easily cut to meet your floral design needs. Each package contains 10 individual hydrangea heads with stems, allowing for versatile arrangements.

The large artificial flowers have a diameter of 7 inches and a stem length of 9.8 inches. Choose the beautiful blush color to add elegance to your wedding, party, baby shower, or home decor. With their lifelike appearance and 54 petals, these hydrangea flowers will make a lasting impression. (Vase not included)

12. KIRIFLY Artificial Fake Flowers Plants Silk Flower

Elevate the ambiance of your home, kitchen, garden, or party with the exquisite KIRIFLY Artificial Fake Flowers in Champagne. These stunning silk flower arrangements create a romantic and poetic atmosphere, allowing you to enjoy nature’s beauty all year round. The bouquet features two peony heads and three hydrangea heads, accompanied by lifelike leaves and plastic stems.

It measures approximately 17.3 inches long. With their realistic appearance, they look real and bring elegance to any setting. Whether for wedding decor, table centerpieces, or indoor and outdoor embellishments, these UV-resistant and vibrant flowers add everlasting beauty to any occasion.

13. Laelfe 6PCS Artificial Sunflower Flowers

Add sunshine to your outdoor space, home, or special event with the Laelfe Artificial Sunflower Flowers. This set includes six vibrant and lifelike sunflowers with long stems, designed to bring cheer and beauty to any occasion. Made from high-quality silk cloth, these artificial sunflowers feature realistic details and clear veins, creating a natural and authentic appearance.

The flexible iron wire stems are durable and can be easily bent or cut to fit your desired vase or arrangement. With the ability to remove and reinstall the flower heads and leaves, these sunflowers offer endless DIY possibilities for decorating Christmas trees, mirrors, or other items. Measuring 23.62 inches long, these yellow sunflowers with dark centers evoke vitality and optimism, symbolizing sunlight warmth.

14. Serra Flora 75pc Artificial Flowers Box Set

Create stunning floral arrangements and decorations with the Serra Flora Artificial Flowers Box Set. This combo pack features a variety of lifelike flowers in different types and colors, designed to provide endless creative possibilities. These best fake flowers that look real are made from high-quality silk, paper, and plastic materials, ensuring a realistic appearance.

The set includes dahlia flowers, peony flowers, roses, lotus flowers, orchids, and more, along with leaves and stems for added versatility. With flexible wire stems, you can easily bend or cut them to suit your DIY projects. Whether for weddings, parties, baby showers, or home decor, these artificial flowers are suitable for bouquets, centerpieces, wreaths, and floral arrangements.

15. H.FLOLAVIDA Hydrangea Silk Fake Flowers (Robin Egg Blue)

Enhance your home, party, or special occasion with H.FLOLAVIDA Hydrangea Silk Fake Flowers. This pack includes 10 full artificial flowers with stems, suitable for decoration at weddings, baby showers, bedrooms, and more. Made from high-quality silk and plastic materials, these hydrangea blooms provide a realistic and vibrant appearance.

Each flower head features 4 petals, creating a large and full bouquet. You can easily cut the 9.8-inch stems to meet your DIY needs. With their robin egg blue color, these hydrangea flowers add elegance to any space. Whether used for wall decor, garlands, or table centerpieces, these artificial flowers bring a warm and inviting atmosphere to your surroundings.

16. Duovlo 10pcs Babies Breath Flowers 23.6″

Add elegance and charm to your wedding, home, or DIY decor with the Duovlo Babies Breath Flowers. This pack includes 10 bundles of artificial gypsophila bouquets, featuring approximately 81 delicate white flowers. Made from soft PU material and plastic stems, these real-touch flowers provide a natural and lifelike appearance.

Each bouquet stands 23.62 inches tall and consists of 3 tall stems, each with 3 small stems. The steel wires within the stems allow for easy bending and shaping to suit your preferences. Whether for indoor or outdoor use, these well-crafted gypsophila flowers are suitable for creating a friendly and inviting atmosphere in your home, wedding venue, shop, restaurant, office, and more.

17. Satefello 20 Bundles of Outdoor Artificial Flowers

Enhance your outdoor space with Satefello 20 Bundles of Outdoor Artificial Flowers. These UV-resistant fake flowers are crafted with high-quality silk flowers and plastic green stems, providing a natural and realistic appearance. Available in a vibrant purple color, these flowers are suitable for decorating your front porch, yard, coffee table, and more.

Unlike real flowers, these artificial blooms require no maintenance and stay colorful and vibrant all year round. With 20 bundles included, these faux flowers can easily be arranged in 2ft window boxes or pots measuring 9″-10″ in size.

18. Deorok 30pcs Artificial Latex Tulips Flowers

Add elegance and beauty to your wedding, party, or home decor with Deorok 30pcs Artificial Latex tulip flowers. These lifelike tulips are made from high-quality PU (polyurethane) material, providing a realistic look and feel. The stems are constructed with a steel wire core, ensuring durability and flexibility.

Each tulip stands at 13 inches with a flower head diameter of 1.4 inches. With 30 tulips in a bundle, you have plenty to create stunning arrangements or use individually. Available in classic white, these faux tulips are suitable for various occasions and settings.

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In conclusion, if you’re looking for the best fake flowers that look real, these 18 options provide an ideal solution. Whether you’re decorating for a special occasion, enhancing your home, or creating stunning floral arrangements, these lifelike artificial flowers will exceed your expectations.

With their high-quality materials, realistic designs, and vibrant colors, they offer fresh flowers without maintenance. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your space with these stunning faux blooms. Explore the wide range of options available and bring nature’s beauty into your life with the best fake flowers that look real.


Q: What do you put at the bottom of a vase with fake flowers?

A: To stabilize fake flowers in a vase, you can use various materials such as floral foam, marbles, stones, or even sand.

Q: Should I buy fake or real flowers?

A: It depends on your preferences and needs. Real flowers offer natural beauty and fragrance but require maintenance. Fake flowers are low-maintenance, long-lasting, and offer a wide variety of options.

Q: Do fake flowers attract spiders?

A: No, fake flowers do not attract spiders. Spiders typically prefer live plants or insects, not artificial flowers.

Q: What holds fake flowers in place?

A: Fake flowers can be held in place using floral foam, adhesive putty, or by arranging them with other decorative elements like foliage or filler materials.

Q: What to look for when buying artificial flowers?

A: When buying artificial flowers, consider factors like the quality of materials, realistic appearance, colorfastness, durability, and the size or style that suits your needs.

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