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Discover the 15 Best Vase for Sunflowers – A Sunny Display

When seeking the perfect companions for sunny days and cheerful moments, sunflowers undoubtedly take the lead. Their radiant petals and golden countenance have the power to brighten up any space, infusing it with a touch of nature’s exuberance.

To truly capture and showcase the essence of these stunning blooms, selecting the best vase for sunflowers becomes an art in itself. Welcome to our comprehensive guide to the “15 Best Vases for Sunflowers,” where we embark on a journey to discover the ideal vessels that cradle these blooms but also enhance their beauty.

Create a Stunning Centerpiece with the 15 Best Vases for Sunflowers

1- DEMDACO Bright Watercolor Yellow

Elevate your living space with the exquisite DEMDACO Dean Crouser Sunflower Bright Watercolor Yellow Vase. Crafted from high-quality stoneware, this 7 x 5 glossy ceramic masterpiece adds elegance to your décor.

The radiant sunflower motif, beautifully coordinated with a soft yellow interior, exudes natural charm and complements any setting. Immerse yourself in the vibrant watercolor finish that enhances your tabletop aesthetic. This round vase, part of the Dean Crouser Collection, captures the essence of mighty wildlife, breathing life into your home.

Standing at 4.25 inches in length, 7 inches in width, and 4.25 inches in height, it effortlessly holds up to a dozen flowers. This makes it a delightful centerpiece for special occasions like Mother’s Day or birthdays.

2- HIDERLYS Vase with Unique Heart-Shaped

Elevate your living space with the charming HIDERLYS 7.5″ High Decorative Vase, an elegant blend of rustic aesthetics and contemporary design. Crafted from sturdy metal with a unique galvanized finish, this exquisite vase features an endearing heart-shaped rope design, adding warmth to any room.

The distressed-style shabby paint finish gives it an alluring vintage look, complete with two delicate handles reminiscent of traditional milk cans. Standing at 7.5″ in height, with dimensions of 3.9″L x 3.9″W, this decorative piece is a versatile addition to your home decor.

Its petite size makes it ideal for tabletops, shelves, or mantles. This enhances the ambiance of your living room, bedroom, or kitchen. While it beautifully complements artificial flowers, please note that this charming milk can is intended for decorative purposes only.

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3- Sullivans Small White Ceramic Best vase for sunflowers Set of 3

Elevate your home decor with the Sullivans Small White Ceramic Vase Set of 3, a quintessential addition to your modern farmhouse ambiance. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these vases add rustic charm to your living room, kitchen, bedroom, or office.

The distressed white color exudes timeless elegance, blending seamlessly with various decor styles. Measuring 3″L x 3″ W x 10″H, 3″L x 3″ W x 7.5″H, and 3″L x 3″ W x 5″H, these vases offer versatile styling options for any space.

Whether adorning your mantle, or entryway table, or serving as centerpiece table decorations, their sleek modern shape complements boho, rustic, and cottage-core aesthetics.

4- Creative Co-Op Glass vase Best vase for sunflowers

Enhance your home decor with the exquisite Creative Co-Op Glass Vase in Metal Stand with Metal Frog Lid, a true masterpiece for flower enthusiasts. This stunning glass vase is designed to elevate the beauty of your floral arrangements, making it the best vase for sunflowers and other captivating blooms.

Crafted with precision, the metal and glass construction exudes timeless elegance. The thoughtfully designed metal stand measures 6.5″L x 3.25″ W x 7.75″H, providing stable support while adding sophistication to any space.

The clear glass jar, measuring 5″L x 3″ W x 10″H, gracefully embraces your chosen blossoms, showcasing their vibrant hues and delicate details. The intricate metal frog lid, 3.25″ diameter and 0.25″ high, features 18 holes to effortlessly secure and arrange each stem.

5- FORLONG Large Ceramic Water Pitcher Best vase for sunflowers

Elevate your home decor with the exquisite FORLONG Large Ceramic Water Pitcher Flower Vase. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this charming vase boasts a hand-painted sunflower and bee design that adds nature-inspired elegance to any space.

The vibrant glazed colors of the ceramic are not only eye-catching but also resistant to fading, ensuring lasting beauty that brightens up your surroundings. With dimensions of 7.9″L x 7.9″ W x 8.7″H, this gourd-shaped masterpiece provides an ideal canvas for showcasing your favorite blooms.

Whether you prefer fresh bouquets or lifelike artificial plants, this versatile vase effortlessly transforms into a stunning bouquet holder.

6- Bico Red Spring Bird Ceramic Best vase for sunflowers

Elevate your home decor with the Bico Red Spring Bird Ceramic 2.5 Quart Pitcher. Crafted from high-quality, lead, and cadmium-free ceramic, this dishwasher-safe pitcher exudes sturdiness and style.

Its vibrant red springbird design adds elegance to any setting, making it the best vase for sunflowers and other captivating flower arrangements. Whether you’re hosting grand gatherings or seeking daily household charm, this 2.5 Qt/80oz pitcher showcases an original Bico design that complements your dining experience.

Versatile and functional, it serves drinks impeccably while doubling as a captivating decorative piece. Delight your loved ones with an attractive gift for special occasions. Its beauty and utility will elevate your space.

7- CYS Excel Clear Glass Cylinder Best vase for sunflowers

Enhance your decor with the CYS Excel Clear Glass Cylinder Vase (H:12″ D:4″). This exquisite vase, part of the CYS EXCEL collection, offers a captivating blend of modern design and timeless elegance. Standing at a height of 12 inches with a diameter of 4 inches, this hand-blown crystal clear glass vase boasts exceptional quality and craftsmanship.

Its stable bottom ensures a secure display, making it an ideal centerpiece for tables and a versatile hurricane-floating candle holder. The simplicity of the cylindrical shape exudes understated charm, making it suitable for a myriad of occasions, from weddings to home decor arrangements.

This vase’s universal appeal lies in its versatility – it effortlessly complements any setting or theme, making it the right choice for a simple modern look. Whether adorning your space with flowers, candles, or other creative displays, the Cylinder Vase stands as an icon of contemporary glass decor.

8- D’vine Dev 10 Inch Modern White Ceramic Vase

Elevate your decor with the D’vine Dev 10-inch Modern White Ceramic Vase (VS-TW-10T). This exquisite oval-shaped vase, crafted with meticulous handwork and contemporary design, adds modern elegance to your space.

The textured white glazed finish enhances its visual appeal, making it the ideal choice to adorn your surroundings with sophistication. Measuring 9.8 inches in height, and 5 inches in width, and featuring a top vase mouth opening width of 3.2 inches, this ceramic masterpiece offers versatility in display options.

Presented in a thoughtfully designed box package, it makes an excellent gift for your loved ones, ready to impress straight out of the box.

9- WGV Tall Cylinder Glass (Best vase for sunflowers)

Discover the elegance of the WGV Tall Cylinder Glass Vase, a versatile addition to your decor. Standing 16 inches tall with a 3-inch diameter, this exquisite clear glass cylinder vase from WGVI is a captivating piece for various uses.

Whether it’s enhancing floral centerpieces, holding flickering candles, or creating enchanting terrariums, this vase effortlessly complements weddings, parties, or home accents.

Crafted with care, each vase is an original creation, showcasing handblown glass artistry. Embrace the natural charm of slight variations and delicate imperfections that add character to your setting. Its sturdy build ensures durability, while its timeless cylinder shape exudes sophistication.

10- Mozing Ceramic vase for sunflowers

Elevate your home decor with the Mozing Ceramic Flower Vase. Standing at 9.8 inches tall, this modern and elegant vase adds sophistication to any space. Its clean and minimalist white design seamlessly blends with various decor styles, from rustic farmhouse to classical and boho.

The hand-blown origami-inspired design showcases skilled craftsmanship and texture uniformity. This versatile vase serves as more than just a decorative piece; it allows you to unleash your creativity.

Use it with dried flowers, artificial blooms, green plants, or fresh flowers for captivating arrangements. Its sturdy and leak-proof construction ensures durability, while its mild polished texture enhances its charm.

11- Nisoger Glass (Best vase for sunflowers)

Elevate your home decor with the exquisite Nisoger Glass Vase. Standing tall at 8 inches, its iridescent clear glass design captivates with a play of colors. This adds an elegant touch to any space.

Crafted with durable translucent glass and a glossy iridescent finish, this vase exudes elegance and resilience. Its round shape, measuring 4.5 inches at the base and 3.5 inches at the top, offers an ideal canvas for bouquets, fresh flower arrangements, or branches.

Embrace its versatility – use it as a standalone piece or showcase your creativity by filling it with florals, dried flowers, or vase fillers. An artful centerpiece for your tabletop, kitchen, office, dining, or living room, this glass vase embodies modern charm.

12- Nisoger 8-inch Clear Glass Flower Vases

Enhance your living space with the elegant Nisoger Clear Glass Flower Vase. Standing at 8 inches tall, this modern boho-inspired vase brings sophistication to any centerpiece, table, or indoor desk decor.

Crafted from durable translucent glass and coated with a glossy finish, it exudes durability and charm. Its clear design absorbs the hues of your favorite flowers, making it the best vase for sunflowers. With dimensions of 4.5″ x 4.5″ x 8″, it’s suitable for bouquets, fresh or dried flowers, artificial arrangements, and branches.

Whether used as a standalone decorative piece or a floral container, this versatile vase adds allure to tabletops, kitchens, offices, dining, and living rooms. A delightful gift for various occasions.

13- Hosley 12 Inch High White Textured Ceramic Vase

Elevate your interior design with the Hosley 12 12-inch high White Textured Ceramic Vase. Crafted from quality ceramic, this cylindrical vase stands 12 inches tall. This makes it an ideal gift for weddings, parties, and home spa settings.

Its textured white finish adds elegance to any room, making it a versatile accent piece for coffee or side tables. Whether you’re aiming for a decorative flourish, a calming spa ambiance, or a touch of aromatherapy, this vase fits the bill perfectly.

Enhance your space with or without floral arrangements – simply add a liner for fresh flowers. Hosley’s commitment to sustainability shines through, as its products are made with minimal waste and a neutral carbon footprint.

14- FUNSOBA Tall Clear Glass Vases for Flower

Elevate your home decor with the enchanting FUNSOBA Tall Clear Glass Vase. Standing at 8.6 inches, this vase exudes elegance and durability. Crafted from translucent glass and coated with a glossy brown finish, it transforms under different lights, creating a captivating and unique charm in your space.

Its versatile design allows for a multitude of uses – from floral arrangements to dried flowers, bouquets, and even colored stones – making it an ideal centerpiece for your tabletop, kitchen, office, dining, or living room. Advanced craftsmanship involves high temperatures up to 1500 degrees Celsius, ensuring extreme beauty and quality.

Experience the magic of changing hues and add sophistication to your surroundings with this exquisite crystal flower vase from FUNSOBA. Dimensions: 4″ L x 4″ W x 8.6″ H.

15- Jusalpha 9 Inches Tall Elegant Home Decor Ceramic Vase

Elevate your decor with the Jusalpha 9 Inch Tall Elegant Ceramic Vase. Crafted from Fine China, this exquisite vase in classic white stands 9 inches tall, making it the best vase for sunflowers. Its oval shape adds elegance to any space.

Fill it with artificial flowers, greens, or florals for a stunning display that brightens bedrooms, lounges, and offices. An ideal gift for family, friends, or lovers who appreciate stylish decor accents. Perfect for centerpieces, weddings, birthdays, or housewarmings, and ideal for spa-themed decorations.

This versatile piece brings timeless charm to your surroundings. Enhance your space with Jusalpha’s ceramic vase – a true statement of refined aesthetics.

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How to Put Sunflowers in a Vase: A Step-by-Step Guide

Best vase for sunflowers

Sunflowers are vibrant and cheerful blooms that can instantly brighten up any space. Arranging them in a vase is a simple yet creative way to showcase their beauty. Follow these easy steps to create an eye-catching sunflower arrangement that will bring the warmth of the sun indoors.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Before you begin, gather all the necessary materials. You’ll need a vase of your choice, fresh sunflowers, pruning shears or sharp scissors, floral tape, and water.

Step 2: Prepare the Vase

Choose a vase that complements your sunflowers’ size and style. Fill it with fresh, clean water and add floral preservatives if available. This will prolong your sunflowers’ life.

Step 3: Trim the Stems

Using pruning shears or sharp scissors, trim the sunflower stems at a diagonal angle. This creates a larger surface area for water absorption, allowing flowers to stay hydrated.

Step 4: Create a Grid (Optional)

For better support and arrangement, you can create a grid on the top of the vase using floral tape. This will help keep sunflowers in place and prevent falling.

Step 5: Arrange the Sunflowers

Start placing the sunflowers in the vase, positioning them at different heights for a dynamic and visually pleasing arrangement. You can place the larger sunflowers in the center and surround them with smaller ones for balance.

Step 6: Add Foliage (Optional)

To enhance the arrangement, you can add some greenery or foliage between the sunflowers. This will provide texture and depth to the overall look.

Step 7: Adjust and Fill Gaps

Once all the sunflowers are in place, assess the arrangement. Make any necessary adjustments to ensure blooms are evenly distributed and without noticeable gaps.

Step 8: Display and Enjoy

Place your beautifully arranged sunflowers in a prominent spot where they can receive ample natural light. Avoid placing them near heaters, air conditioning vents, or direct sunlight, as this can make them wilt quickly.

Step 9: Maintenance

Keep an eye on the vase’s water level and replenish it as needed. Change the water every few days and trim the stems slightly to ensure continued hydration.

By following these steps, you can create a stunning sunflower arrangement that adds nature’s brilliance to your home. Whether it’s a centerpiece for your dining table or a decorative accent in your living room, sunflowers will bring joy and beauty to your space.

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In conclusion, sunflowers’ beauty can really shine when showcased in the right vase. With an array of options available, finding the best vase for sunflowers becomes an exciting endeavor. From classic clear glass vases that allow sunflowers’ vibrant hues to shine, to textured ceramic and metal vases that add elegance, the possibilities are endless.

When arranging sunflowers in a vase, the process is simple yet rewarding. By following the steps of how to put sunflowers in a vase and how to arrange sunflowers in a vase, you can create stunning displays that radiate nature’s brilliance.

Whether you opt for a single sunflower or a bountiful arrangement, the key lies in selecting the right vase and positioning the blooms strategically. This will ensure a balanced and visually appealing result.


What kind of vase is best for flowers?

A clear glass vase is versatile and allows you to appreciate the stems. For delicate blooms, a narrow-neck vase provides support, while a wider one suits fuller arrangements.

What helps flowers last longer in a vase?

Change water every 2 days, recut stems at an angle, remove leaves below the waterline, add flower food, and keep the vase away from heat and direct sunlight.

How big should a vase be for flowers?

Choose a vase that’s one-half to three-quarters the height of the flowers. This ensures proper support while allowing them room to spread and display their beauty.

In comparison to flowers, how tall should a vase be?

The vase should be around 1.5 to 2 times the flowers’ height. This ratio provides stability and allows the blooms to shine without overwhelming the arrangement.

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