fake white and orange pumpkins for decorating

14 Best Fake White and Orange Pumpkins for Decorating

Welcome to a world of creative autumnal delight! If you’re seeking charming ways to usher in the fall season, look no further than our curated guide to the 14 Best Fake White and Orange Pumpkins for Decorating. Whether you’re a seasonal decorating enthusiast or simply aiming to add a touch of warmth to your living spaces, these artificial pumpkins elevate your decor game.

Embracing the spirit of fall, our handpicked selection showcases a variety of fake white and orange pumpkins for decorating that capture the essence of the season flawlessly. From rustic farmhouse themes to modern chic arrangements, these imitation pumpkins offer endless possibilities to infuse your home with a cosy autumn vibe.

Join us as we explore innovative ways to arrange, accessorize, and transform these faux treasures into captivating focal points. Get ready to embark on a journey of creativity and style, where these artificial pumpkins prove that you can enjoy the beauty of fall without any fuss or limitations.

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Best Fake White and Orange Pumpkins for Decorating

1- BESTTOYHOME 12 PCS Assorted Sizes Rustic Harvest White Artificial Pumpkins for Halloween

Elevate your fall decor with the BESTTOYHOME 12 PCS Assorted Sizes Rustic Harvest White Artificial Pumpkins. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these foam pumpkins are perfect for your seasonal arrangements. Ranging from 2.5 to 4 inches in diameter, this 12-piece set offers a variety of sizes for versatile decorating. Transform your space with the charm of these fake white and orange pumpkins for decorating – ideal for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and beyond.

Infuse rustic elegance into your home by filling vases, baskets, or cornucopias, creating timeless autumnal displays. These artificial gourds and pumpkins are also excellent for weddings and special occasions, adding a touch of seasonal magic. Their simplicity shines when integrated into wreaths, garlands, and bowl arrangements. To enhance your Thanksgiving table, use them as unique place card settings, infusing whimsy into your celebrations. Unveil the spirit of fall with these delightful artificial pumpkins, adding warmth and character to your cherished spaces.

2- Winlyn 7 Pcs Assorted Artificial Orange Pumpkins

Enhance your seasonal ambience with the Winlyn 7 Pcs Assorted Artificial Orange Pumpkins. A vibrant addition to your fall decor, these foam pumpkins bring a touch of farmhouse charm to your space. Boasting characteristic pumpkin shapes, each piece is adorned with bright orange hues, yellow speckles, and lifelike brown stems, capturing the essence of freshly harvested autumn produce.

This set includes seven artificial pumpkins in varied sizes, measuring approximately 3″ to 5.5″ wide and 3″ to 7.3″ tall. Their diverse dimensions create an effortlessly natural appearance, making them perfect for tabletop centrepieces, bowl displays, and more. Crafted from durable foam with a glossy orange coat and painted resin stems, these faux pumpkins exude realism and longevity.

For Thanksgiving, fall weddings, and seasonal festivities, these faux pumpkins elevate your decor with rustic elegance. Create captivating table vignettes, wreaths, and floral arrangements, or use them as delightful photo props and DIY project elements. Elevate your autumnal styling with these versatile pieces, or gift them for housewarming, birthdays, and special occasions.

3- DomeStar 42 PCS Artificial Pumpkins Sets, 12PCS Mini Fake Pumpkins with 30PCS Lifelike Maple Leaves Faux Pumpkins for Decorating

Elevate your seasonal decor with the DomeStar 42 PCS Artificial Pumpkins Sets. This exquisite package features 12 mini orange pumpkins, 30 lifelike maple leaves, and one string of lights, providing a versatile canvas for fall creativity. Crafted from premium-grade styrofoam, these lightweight, waterproof, and non-toxic faux pumpkins promise durability without the risk of rot or mould.

Sized at 3.34 inches for each pumpkin and 3.14 inches for every maple leaf, they infuse a touch of autumnal charm. Ideal for Halloween DIY crafts, these pumpkins offer a flat surface for unleashing your imagination. Paint, decorate, or use pumpkin face stickers with your loved ones for endless festive enjoyment.

Adorn your spaces with an authentic fall vibe—perfect for home decor, Thanksgiving table centrepieces, and weddings. These pumpkins find their place in various settings, from food play games to photography props. Illuminate your creativity and celebrate the season with this delightful set.

4- ELCOHO 16 Pack Small Artificial Lifelike Pumpkin

Elevate your seasonal decor with the ELCOHO 16 Pack Small Artificial Lifelike Pumpkins. Crafted from high-quality foam, these toxin-free and odourless mini pumpkins offer a convenient canvas for DIY creativity. With their charming white surfaces, these artificial pumpkins are perfect for creating cute and personalized styles for any occasion.

These decorative pumpkins boast a realistic appearance, making them ideal for Halloween, autumn, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and more. Measuring 5.5cm/2.2 inches in diameter, their mini and compact size adds a touch of cuteness to your home decor. With 16 lifelike pumpkins in each package, you have ample quantities for party decorations and home embellishments, infusing a sweet and warm atmosphere.

Versatile and multi-functional, these pumpkins find their place throughout your home – from bedrooms and kitchens to dining rooms. Whether adorning tables, walls, or fences, these faux pumpkins evoke a festive spirit that transforms your spaces. Elevate your ambience with these charming accessories, ideal for crafting an inviting atmosphere that enchants all who visit.

5- BESTTOYHOME 8 Pcs Realistic 4″ Fall Harvest Small Off White Mini Artificial Pumpkins for Halloween

Add a touch of autumn elegance to your space with the BESTTOYHOME 8 Pcs Realistic 4″ Fall Harvest Mini Artificial Pumpkins. This 8-piece package of off-white artificial pumpkins transforms your home into a haven of fall charm. Crafted from foam and plastic, each pumpkin measures 4 inches, boasting realistic details that capture the season’s essence.

Set the stage for harvest magic with these assorted pumpkins, ideal for home decor, table vignettes, and fall-themed weddings. Elevate your creativity by incorporating them into wreaths, garlands, or centrepiece displays. Create a unique bowl arrangement by pairing these mini pumpkins with other autumn favourites.

Infuse a whimsical touch into your Thanksgiving table using them as charming place card settings. Embrace the beauty of fall with these delightful pumpkins, and let them embellish your table or mantel with Celebrate It’s a signature touch.

6- Joyhalo14 Pack White Pumpkins for Decorating

Transform your surroundings into a cozy autumn haven with the Joyhalo 14 Pack White Pumpkins for Decorating. This package includes an array of 14 white pumpkins in assorted sizes, designed to blend with your seasonal decor and complement other elements seamlessly. Ranging from large to small, these faux foam pumpkins cater to your decorating needs.

Crafted from high-quality foam, these artificial pumpkins are lightweight, waterproof, non-toxic, and odourless. The barbed design ensures a secure hold, preventing easy detachment or deformation. Adorning your space with a lifelike appearance, these faux pumpkins exude the warmth of autumn, infusing your home with a festive charm.

Embrace the versatility of these pumpkins as they find their place in farmhouses, gardens, terraces, and more. Ideal for DIY projects and events, they make delightful housewarming or wedding gifts. Elevate your ambience with these elegant fake white and orange pumpkins for decorating, adding a touch of seasonal magic to every corner of your space.

7- DERAYEE Fall Artificial Pumpkins, White Fake Pumpkins

Elevate your fall decor with DERAYEE Fall Artificial Pumpkins. This value-packed set features eight assorted sizes of white artificial pumpkins, enhancing your home with the season’s charm. Crafted from durable foam, these pumpkins bring a touch of realism to your space while remaining safe, lightweight, and non-toxic.

These assorted-sized pumpkins cater to various decorating needs from approximately 7.4 x 6 inches to 2.8 x 3.2 inches. Unleash your creativity by crafting DIY pumpkin decorations that reflect your imagination. These decorative pumpkins are designed for Thanksgiving and add a festive touch to events, table arrangements, Halloween DIY projects, and party favours.

From filling vases and baskets to creating autumn-themed table centrepieces, these pumpkins bring warmth to your surroundings. Their versatility extends to being paintable, making them ideal for fall wedding decor and party supplies. Embrace the season’s beauty with these artificial pumpkins, letting your creativity shine through in every corner of your home.

8- Whaline Artificial Pumpkins, Bulk Vintage Caramel Pumpkin

Elevate your fall ambience with Whaline Artificial Pumpkins Bulk in vintage caramel. This set includes 12 lifelike foam pumpkins, each measuring 8cm/3.1 inches in diameter, creating a charming and warm atmosphere. Crafted from quality foam and plastic, these durable and reusable pumpkins are designed for indoor and outdoor use.

The unique caramel colour exudes a retro charm, enhancing your party, home, or wedding decor. These lifelike artificial pumpkins add a touch of realism to your space, ideal for creating autumn centrepieces by placing them in baskets or vases. While their simulation is limited, they offer a realistic look that enhances your seasonal ambience.

Embrace their versatility as these pumpkins find their place in autumn, wedding, Halloween, and Thanksgiving decorations. From dining tables to fireplaces and windows, these faux foam pumpkins create an enchanting atmosphere for your festivities. Delve into the season’s beauty with these vintage caramel artificial pumpkins, transforming your space into a captivating autumn haven.

9- Diahom Pumpkin Decor 12pcs Artificial Fake Faux Velvet Foam Fabric Pumpkins

Elevate your seasonal decor with Diahom Pumpkin Decor. This set includes 12 pcs of artificial faux velvet foam fabric pumpkins, adding a touch of grace and elegance to your fall home, farmhouse, or harvest-themed decor. These meticulously crafted pumpkins come in two sizes:

  • 2.7 inches in height and 2.1 inches in diameter
  • 2.7 inches in height and 2.55 inches in diameter
  • Allowing for versatile decorating

Made from high-quality artificial velvet fabric and foam, these pumpkins exude an air of sophistication. Available in orange, brown, and champagne, they feature vivid stems that add authenticity and charm. These lovely fall decorations are perfect for Autumn, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, seamlessly blending into your seasonal festivities. Whether adorning vases or baskets or creating classic autumn table vignettes, these artificial pumpkins enhance your space with their adorable elegance, making every moment of the season special.

10- Lenovo 6 Inch Large White Pumpkins for Decorating – 4PCS Big White Foam Decorative Pumpkins

Elevate your fall decor with Vensovo 6 Inch Large White Pumpkins for Decorating. This set of 4 big white foam decorative pumpkins adds a charming touch to your seasonal ambience. Each pumpkin boasts a sizable 6-inch dimension, making them perfect for table centrepieces, vase fillers, or fall tray displays.

Crafted from lightweight styrofoam, these white artificial pumpkins offer a canvas for creativity. Their paintable surface allows you to design them to match your desired decor style, making them ideal for craft enthusiasts. Four large white pumpkins in each package suit indoor decor, painting projects, theme parties, and table centrepieces.

Specifically crafted for fall, these white pumpkins are versatile additions. Use them for Halloween decor, Thanksgiving decorations, fall dining table adornments, weddings, and other indoor or outdoor settings. With a focus on customer satisfaction, Lenovo offers full refunds and returns to ensure your happiness. Elevate your space with these charming fake white and orange pumpkins for decorating, infusing warmth into every corner of your home.

11- BigOtters Artificial Pumpkins, 10PCS Decorative Pumpkins

Elevate your autumn décor with the BigOtters Artificial Pumpkins set. Bursting with 42 pieces, including ten lifelike faux pumpkins in assorted sizes and shapes, 30 realistic maple leaves, and two charming pinecones, this collection is tailor-made for your fall-themed festivities.

Ranging from 1.4 to 4 inches in diameter, the polystyrene foam pumpkins, 2.28 x 1.8-inch pinecones, and 3.2 x 2.8-inch silk maple leaves offer versatility for your creative needs. Meticulously handcrafted, these lightweight and durable decorations radiate realism and elegance.

Craft personalized designs with ample DIY space on the pumpkins, accented by pinecones and leaves. Perfect for Thanksgiving, Halloween, and more, they transform tables, centrepieces, and venues into cosy seasonal havens.

12- Ariarly 7Pcs Orange Artificial Pumpkins Set

Elevate your seasonal décor with the Ariarly 7Pcs Orange Artificial Pumpkins Set by Barska. This assortment of lifelike foam pumpkins brings the essence of autumn to your space. With seven different sizes included, these pumpkins are perfect for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and fall-themed displays.

Crafted from high-quality materials, they exude the charm of freshly picked pumpkins. The blank surface invites creativity – embellish them with your designs, colors, or text to craft a unique Halloween ornament.

Versatile for both indoor and outdoor use, these pumpkins withstand various conditions. Ideal for homes, shops, parties, and more, they infuse warmth and charm into any setting.

13- Vensovo 8 Inch Large Orange Fake Pumpkins for Decorating – 2PCS

Introducing Vensovo’s 8 Inch Large Fake Pumpkins for Decorating – a delightful set of 2 big foam pumpkins, perfect for elevating your fall decor. These artificial white and orange pumpkins boast a generous 8-inch size, adding cuteness to your space.

Crafted from lightweight styrofoam, they are ideal for versatile applications – as table centrepieces, vase fillers, or fall-themed tray displays. The white pumpkins provide a canvas for your creativity – paint or write whatever suits your style for a personalized touch. With one large white pumpkin per package, they’re great for indoor decor, craft projects, theme parties, and table centrepieces.

Designed for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and more, these pumpkins embody the essence of autumn, infusing charm into every corner of your home. At Vensovo, customer satisfaction is our priority – enjoy our full refunds and returns service.

14- DN DECONATION 2 PCS Thanksgiving Resin Pumpkin Figurine

Enhance your seasonal ambience with DN DECONATION’s 2 PCS Thanksgiving Resin Pumpkin Figurine set. These exquisite fake white and gold pumpkins offer a touch of luxury to your decor. Crafted from premium resin, they boast a unique design with creatively dotted surfaces and gold-painted stems, elegantly combining gold and white hues.

Symbolizing nobility and brilliance, this duo of pumpkins, in large (4.33″W x 6.30″ H) and small (4.72″W x 3.94″ H) sizes, infuses your space with a glorious charm, fitting as table centrepieces, farmhouse accents, or living room embellishments. Crafted for durability with a long-lasting gold coating, they resist fading and remain intact.

Ideal for occasions such as housewarmings, Halloween, and Thanksgiving, these fall-themed artificial pumpkins make perfect gifts, their gold and glitter appearance leaving an enduring impression. Embrace luxury and elegance with this set, elevating your seasonal decor.


In seasonal decor, the versatility and charm of fake white and orange pumpkins for decorating truly stand out. These delightful pieces effortlessly capture the spirit of autumn, adding warmth and vibrancy to any space. Whether preparing for a festive Halloween gathering, a cosy Thanksgiving feast, or simply aiming to infuse your home with seasonal allure, these pumpkins are perfect.

The options are endless, with various designs, sizes, and styles available, from glittering gold-dotted resin figurines to DIY-friendly foam creations. Their ability to adorn tables, mantels, and more with a touch of elegance and rustic charm makes them a must-have for anyone seeking to create an inviting fall atmosphere. Transform your surroundings and embrace the enchantment of fake white and orange pumpkins for decorating.

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